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Steam it up with Stöckli

With the Stöckli steamer you can gently and quickly prepare not only fresh vegetables, fish, meat and asparagus in the steam, as well as terrines, crème caramel and much more. With this cooking method, most of the vitamins, nutrients and minerals are preserved. The container for the steam liquid has a special coating that offers unimagined steaming options – all the way up to preparing your sauce while the food is steaming. It is also ideal for reheating, with no need to use oils or fat.

Different inserts make it easy to prepare various dishes simultaneously. A built-in timer monitors the right cooking time, which means you have more time for your guest and other activities. A feast for the eyes and the taste buds alike, thanks to retaining the natural taste and fresh colours of your food. Asparagus tastes heavenly and the tenderness of your fish will impress you!

A special feature is the specially developed container insert in which you can easily steam different types of rice. Whether Asian, Creole or milk rice, there are no limits to your rice dishes. Try and taste it - the flavour is unsurpassed!

The steamer is also ideal for preparing your soft or hard breakfast eggs, without discolouring of the yolk.

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